The first number is the weight of the line. The second number indicates the capacity the spool will hold for that line in yards. So 8 (180) means the spool for your reel should hold 180 yards of 8# mono. That same spool will hold 155 Yards of 10# mono, so on and so forth.
Miniature Threaded In Line Load Cell LCM300 , 500 lb , Tension & Compression Load Cell (Miniature/Inline Threaded) , RoHS Compliant , Material - 17-4 PH S.S. , M6x1-Thread , 28 Awg 4 Conductor Braided Shielded Clear PVC , 10 ft Long
Model Number Bearings Gear Ratio Line Per Handle Turn Wt. (oz.) Line Capacity (Lb. Test / Yards) Drag Max; BG1500: 6+1: 5.6:1: 28.3" 8.5: MONO: 4/155, 6/100 J-BRAID ...

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