CHAPTER 13. ACID RAIN . Acid rain was discovered in the 19th century by Robert Angus Smith, a pharmacist from Manchester (England), who measured high levels of acidity in rain falling over industrial regions of England and contrasted them to the much lower levels he observed in less polluted areas near the coast. Little attention was paid to his work
Strong acid in water H 3O + H 2O -1.74 CCl 3CO 2H CCl 3CO 2-0.52 HSO 4-SO 4-2 1.99 H 3PO 4 H 2PO 4-2.12 CH 2ClCO 2H CH 2ClCO 2-2.85 HF F-3.17 HNO 2 NO 2-3.3 CH 3CO 2H CH 3CO 2-4.75 C 5H 5NH + C 5H 5N 5.25 H 2CO 3 HCO 3-6.35 H 2S HS--7.00 NH 4 + NH 3 9.24 Strong acid in ammonia HCO 3-CO 3-2 10.33 CH 3NH 3 + CH 3NH 2 10.56 Weak acids in water H ...
Sulfuric acid is classified as a strong acid, ionizing almost completely in water.. Sulfuric acid is the most abundant product of the chemical industry. It is used in the refining of metals and in the manufacture of a wide variety of substances.

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